Reimagining Operations in Logistics

Case Study


Jan 30, 2024


A logistics company faced challenges in digitalizing its operations to improve efficiency and competitiveness in the market. They wanted to create a marketplace and network for smaller logistics companies that were not able to build extensive IT solutions themselves.


We provided a digital solution to streamline the company's processes. This included the integration of advanced technologies, packing algorithms, route optimisation, and other software to enhance logistical operations, data management, and customer service. The solution was integrated with larger customers and logistic marketplaces. We also created applications for drivers and logistics operators to provide real-time insights and action tracking.


The solution resulted in improved operational efficiency, better data management, and enhanced customer satisfaction. It also positioned the company to compete more effectively in the digital age with streamlined processes and a robust digital infrastructure.

About Cogneo

About Cogneo

Cogneo is a leading independent digital transformation consultancy focused on accelerating innovation and engineering advanced technology, data, and artificial intelligence solutions that empower customers and teams.

We leverage CX, AI, ML, and data analytics to craft bespoke strategies, robust platforms, custom tools, and CRM/ERP integrations. Our collaborative, human-centred innovation approach rapidly identifies opportunities to drive meaningful results and deliver tangible value. Contact us to transform your business and create something truly remarkable. 

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