Effective Asset Management in Hospitality

Case Study


Jan 30, 2024


Our client, an Airbnb management company, faced challenges in the dynamic and expanding short-term rental market. They needed to efficiently manage a growing portfolio of properties while optimising their service offerings in a very competitive industry.


We provided a comprehensive solution by upgrading their existing asset management platform. This included improved integrations, design, and optimised speed, allowing them to enhance customer experiences with new features such as customisable monthly report templates and improved self-service capabilities.


The solution led to significant business value for our client. They expanded their portfolio to hundreds of new properties and were empowered to expand into new markets. The new platform facilitated better management of short-term rentals, offering 24/7 support, cleaning, maintenance, interior design services, and a dedicated owner app. This holistic approach helped our client become a one-stop solution for short-term rental management in their region, leading to increased market share and brand awareness.

About Cogneo

About Cogneo

Cogneo is a leading independent digital transformation consultancy focused on accelerating innovation and engineering advanced technology, data, and artificial intelligence solutions that empower customers and teams.

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